Dr. Hahn is one of the best employer brands in Germany

The medium-sized company Dr. Hahn from Mönchengladbach received the coveted winner signet for its employer brand and its associated employee retention measures in the “Excellence in Brand Strategy, Management and Creation” category from the German Brand Institute.

Work-life balance

Achieving a balance between private and professional life is gaining importance nowadays. On the one hand, both areas are increasingly intertwined and, on the other hand, companies are focussing now more on the needs of employees. Thus, it was a logical step to introduce a flexible working time account model for personnel in order to allow them to better balance their private and professional life. In general, stressful working time should be avoided for the most part with intelligent shift planning or, if this is not possible, spread on many shoulders. The employees of Dr. Hahn benefit from this, too. By establishing a 37-hour week – with flexible working time in the commercial department – a step was taken towards becoming a family-run company with a sense for a balanced relationship between private and professional life.

Fit at work

One decisive factor for the award was also the systematic promotion of employee health and well-being. To this end, Dr. Hahn had appointed special officers for health and ergonomics. The aim is to ensure constant health care and raise employee awareness with regard to unhealthy habits and practices. Interviews conducted by the H&E officers have led not only to regular exercise breaks, but whole days dedicated to good health and well-being. On such days, every employee is able to participate in free health screenings, learn exercises for strengthening one’s back or hear tips for a healthier diet throughout the work day.

Offerings for further training and professional development are a matter of course at Dr. Hahn. For instance, employees participate in training programmes conducted internally or externally by select seminar providers. By doing so, Dr. Hahn promotes the further professional and personal development of each and every employee so that they may become an expert in their field and have room for self-fulfillment.

That little bit extra

If the company concludes a business year with a positive result, every employee gets to share in the jointly generated profit. This is implemented by very few companies in the industry.

With these and many other measures, Dr. Hahn has posted a low staff turnover and consistently high satisfaction among employees, ensuring that the company’s staff see themselves as ambassadors of the Dr. Hahn brand. The awarding of the winner signet and the nomination by the German Brand Institute is a valuable acknowledgement for the door hinge manufacturer.

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