INDUSTRIEPREIS 2016 BEST OF Elektrotechnik

Hahn Inductio® Distinguished with Award:

The Hahn Türband 4 Inductio® managed to place among the best of 200 entries submitted for the INDUSTRY AWARD in the electrical technology category. The first hinge to be able to transmit energy and signals wirelessly between door frame and door leaf with VdS approval made the INDUSTRY's list of best products and thus is permitted to bear the "BEST OF 2016 Electrical Technology" certificate.


Accolades for Progress

The panel of experts, including professors, academics, industry experts and specialized journalists, recognised the most advanced products developed by industrial companies from Germany, Austria and Switzerland during the 11th iteration of the INDUSTRY AWARD. Factors such as advancement, novelty, product maturity and forward-looking approach as well as economic, social, ecological and technological benefit, etc. are decisive for distinction in one of the 14 categories. The Hahn Türband 4 Inductio® is thus regarded as one of the most innovative solutions in the electrical technology field.


Conveniently Wireless

A Hahn Türband 4 Inductio® replaces several wire transitions. Unlike solutions with wire connections, the door leaf can be removed and mounted again without having to disconnect wire connections later on when in use. The product innovation is certified in accordance with EN 50131 Grade 3 and system-free in accordance with VdS Class C.


Innovation through Functionality

Receiving the 2016 INDUSTRY AWARD represents an invaluable distinction for the newly developed Türband 4 Inductio® and the developer Dr. Hahn.

With Inductio® as new wireless conducting element, the Mönchengladbach-based door hinge manufacturer documents its entry into the security market and fulfils its objective of striving to offer the right solution for every situation.

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