Outstanding Design Quality

New Hahn Series 60 AT receives German Design Award Special Mention:

The new Hahn Series 60 AT was nominated for the German Design Award 2016 in the "Excellent Product Design" category of the "Building and Elements" segment and distinguished with Special Mention. This distinction is extended to recognise works whose design exhibits particularly successful aspects or solutions. An invaluable recognition for Dr. Hahn's outstanding commitment that demonstrates once again the design expertise of door hinge manufacturer. 


The distinction: Special Mention

To participate in the German Design Award, a company must be recommended by the German Design Council, by one of its foundation members, or by one of the ministries of economic affairs of the German federal states. Select design experts from various subject areas evaluate the nominated works with regard to functionality, design quality, level of innovation, brand value, product aesthetics and technical quality, to name just a few criteria. This time, 20 design experts evaluated a record-breaking 3,400 entries. Due to the high quality of the participants, outstanding design qualities are distinguished with the Special Mention distinction.


The perfect hinge for every situation

The award-winning features of the new Series 60 AT: more modern design, increased security against break-ins and an extensive selection of fastening materials. The first Hahn door hinge that is designed for metal profile sections and which can utilise a broad range of mounting options. When it comes to hinges with a pivot point of 20mm or 36mm, door installers are now free to choose the fastening elements that they would like to order for the hinge bodies. After all, the requirements placed on hinge mounting are just as diverse as the system landscapes that hinges have to serve. The Hahn anchor screw is the fastening element of choice for almost all multichamber sections, while the mounting plate is used for cold sections and the Hahn screw anchor is used especially for doorleaf-concealing panels. As a result, the new Series 60 AT offers the right solution for every situation.


Certified for high loads

The high load capacity of both hinge versions of the Series 60 AT has been tested and verified by a testing laboratory. The 2-piece and 3-piece version have attained a hinge class 14 —currently the highest rating available for single-axis door hinges. The 3-piece version with a borehole gauge of 125mm earned the hinge class 11 rating based on special testing criteria, whereby its high load capacity was also certified by testers. The standard version of the new Series 60 AT hinges has demonstrated its usability on smoke-resistant and fire safety doors within the framework of component testing.


About the German Design Council:

The German Design Council is an independent and internationally active institution that assists companies in effectively communicating their design competence while focussing at the same time on strengthening the general public's understanding of design. Established as a foundation in 1953 at the initiative of the German Federal Parliament, the German Design Council strives to support good design through its competitions, exhibits, conferences, seminars and publications. The foundation of the German Design Council currently has 200 members including domestic and foreign corporations and companies with more than two million employees.