Simplified Customs Procedures for Hahn Door Hinges

Dr. Hahn is an Authorised Economic Operator (AEO)

We received as first enterprise in our segment from the customs administration the certificate for Authorised Economic Operator" of the highest category Customs Simplifications/Security and Safety (AEO F). As a result, shipments from our factories are processed using simplified procedures during customs clearance.


Legal concept of AEO 

The extensive interrelations between companies in Europe and around the world has become commonplace thanks to increasing internationalisation. It is hardly surprising that customs legislation was thus adapted to reflect this circumstance. The legal concept of "Authorised Economic Operators" (AEO); was therefore created. The objective of this measure is to allow all companies involved in the international supply chain to distinguish themselves as reliable and trustworthy companies. For producers like us, which generate about 70% of their turnover outside of Germany, it is absolutely essential to deal with this topic.


Security-related investments were necessary 

Up till the time the certificate was awarded, there were many questions to answer and even some security-related investments to be made in the plants in Wickrath and Erkelenz, explained Andreas Hasler, Project Manager and Head of Internal Operations. For instance, cameras were installed and access control points were set-up to ensure that only authorised persons could enter the premises. Processes and procedures came under close scrutiny and were adapted to the prerequisites of the authorities.


Documented organisational processes 

In addition to that, it was necessary to demonstrate in-depth knowledge of the relevant customs regulations and establish physical security measures in order to complicate access to corporate data and goods. Smoothly functioning logistics and organisation within the company must be documented in the future.




Gü­te­sie­gel für zer­ti­fi­zier­te Un­ter­neh­men

Nicht zu ver­ges­sen: Das Zer­ti­fi­kat zeich­net uns als si­che­res Mit­glied der Lie­fer­ket­te aus. Die­ses Gü­te­sie­gel hat über den Be­reich des Zoll­rechts hin­aus Wir­kung. „Wir er­war­ten“, so Has­ler, „dass zer­ti­fi­zier­te Un­ter­neh­men be­vor­zugt Ver­trä­ge mit an­de­ren AEOs ab­schlie­ßen wol­len, um keine Si­cher­heits­lü­cke zu ris­kie­ren.“

Die jüngs­ten Ter­ror­ak­te, bei denen der nor­ma­le Lie­fer­ver­kehr als Trans­port­mit­tel ge­nutzt wurde, scheint den Zoll­be­hör­den Recht zu geben. Mit der Teil­nah­me am ver­ein­fach­ten Zoll­ver­fah­ren, ver­si­chern wir alle mög­li­chen Maß­nah­men er­grif­fen zu haben, dass Wa­rensen­dun­gen aus dem Werk frei von jedem Ver­dacht sind.


Download AEO-Zertifikat