Privacy Statement

We ap­pre­ci­a­te your in­te­rest in our com­pa­ny, pro­ducts, and range of ser­vices de­mon­stra­ted by vi­si­ting this web­si­te. The pro­tec­tion of your pri­va­cy in re­cor­ding, pro­ces­sing, and using your per­so­nal data du­ring your visit to this web­si­te is an im­por­tant con­cern to which we pay spe­ci­al at­ten­tion.

This Pri­va­cy Sta­te­ment tells you which data we re­cord du­ring your visit to this web­si­te and how we make use of such data. Some data which we save on our ser­ver re­pre­sents in­for­ma­tion which you have given us volun­ta­rily by fil­ling out forms, whe­re­as other data are au­to­ma­ti­cal­ly saved when you log on and use the sy­stem.

We do not re­cord any data whatso­e­ver which per­mits the iden­ti­fi­ca­tion of any in­di­vi­du­al user un­less you your­self have pro­vi­ded such per­so­nal in­for­ma­tion du­ring the re­gi­stra­tion pro­cess for a clo­sed user group. We also do not make use of any te­ch­no­lo­gi­cal aids aimed at di­sco­ve­ring the iden­ti­ty of vi­si­tors to our web­si­te.

Au­to­ma­ti­cal­ly re­cor­ded and saved data
Like many other com­pa­ni­es, we track the ge­ne­ral use of our web­si­te (per­for­man­ce me­a­su­re­ment) in order to im­pro­ve the web­si­te for our vi­si­tors and adapt it to their needs. When you visit our web­si­te, our web ser­ver au­to­ma­ti­cal­ly re­cords and tem­po­ra­rily saves the following in­for­ma­tion about your com­pu­ter and your visit:

We may com­mis­sion third par­ti­es with the descri­bed per­for­man­ce me­a­su­re­ment ac­ti­vi­ti­es. This does not pro­vi­de any in­for­ma­tion whatso­e­ver about the iden­ti­ty of the vi­si­tor. Any third par­ti­es in­vol­ved are requi­red to com­ply with our data pro­tec­tion stan­dards.

Sa­ving per­so­nal data 
Furt­her per­so­nal data such as your name, ad­d­ress, te­lep­ho­ne num­ber or email ad­d­ress are not re­cor­ded un­less you volun­te­er this in­for­ma­tion your­self, for in­stan­ce in the cour­se of a re­gi­stra­tion ini­ti­a­ted at your own desi­re.

Use and pro­vi­sion of per­so­nal data to third par­ti­es
We shall use your per­so­nal data for the sole pur­po­se of te­ch­ni­cal ad­mi­nist­ra­tion of our ser­vice and to ful­fil your desires and re­quests or an­swer your in­quiry.
We do not for­ward any of your per­so­nal data to third par­ti­es un­less requi­red to ful­fil your re­quest. You may re­vo­ke this per­mis­sion to make use of your data ef­fecti­ve for the fu­tu­re at any time. This si­mul­ta­ne­ously means you lose your right to use the door hinge cal­cu­la­tion pro­gram.

Coo­ki­es; help pro­grams, ac­ti­ve con­tents
When you visit our web­si­te it can hap­pen that in­for­ma­tion com­mis­sio­ned by us is sto­red on your com­pu­ter in the form of so-cal­led "coo­ki­es", which allow us to au­to­ma­ti­cal­ly re­cog­ni­se your com­pu­ter the next time you visit our ho­me­page. Coo­ki­es make it pos­sib­le for us to adapt a web­si­te to your wishes or store your pas­sword so that you do not have to re-en­ter it every time you log in.
If you do not wish us to re­cog­ni­se in­for­ma­tion about your com­pu­ter, then set your in­ter­net brow­ser to de­le­te coo­ki­es from your hard drive, block all coo­ki­es, or warn you be­fo­re a new coo­kie is saved. If you leave our web­si­te via a link and ar­ri­ve at anot­her web­si­te, it can hap­pen that the clic­ked tar­get web­si­te may also set coo­ki­es of its own. We are not le­gal­ly re­spon­sib­le for these coo­ki­es. Ple­a­se refer to our re­specti­ve ad­ver­ti­sing part­ner and their pri­va­cy sta­te­ments con­cer­ning the use of such coo­ki­es and in­for­ma­tion saved in them.

Pri­va­cy Pro­tec­tion Sta­te­ment Re­gar­ding Use of Goog­le Ana­ly­tics
This web­si­te uses Goog­le Ana­ly­tics, an on­li­ne ana­ly­ti­cal ser­vice of Goog­le Inc. ("Goog­le"). Goog­le Ana­ly­tics¬ im­ple­ments so-cal­led coo­ki­es, text files, which are saved on your com­pu­ter, and which allow for ana­ly­sing your use of the web­si­te. The in­for­ma­tion ge­ne­ra­ted by the coo­kie based on your use of this web­si­te is trans­mitted to a Goog­le ser­ver in the US and sto­red there. In case of ac­ti­va­ting the IP ano­ny­mi­sa­tion fun­c­tion on this web page, your IP ad­d­ress will be trun­ca­ted by Goog­le wit­hin the mem­ber sta­tes of the Eu­ro­pe­an Union or in other mem­ber sta­tes of the Eu­ro­pe­an Eco­no­mic Area Agre­e­ment. Only in ex­cep­tio­nal cases is the full IP ad­d­ress trans­fer­red to a Goog­le ser­ver in the US and trun­ca­ted there. On be­half of the ope­ra­tor of this web­si­te, Goog­le will use this in­for­ma­tion in order to eva­lu­a­te your use of the web­si­te, to com­pi­le re­ports about web­si­te ac­ti­vi­ti­es for the web­si­te ope­ra­tor and to offer other ser­vices linked with web­si­te use and In­ter­net use. The IP ad­d­ress trans­fer­red by your brow­ser wit­hin Goog­le Ana­ly­tics will not be con­so­li­da­ted with other data from Goog­le. You may pre­vent the sto­rage of coo­ki­es by im­ple­men­ting the cor­re­spon­ding set­tings in your brow­ser; ple­a­se note ho­wever that you will not be able to uti­li­se all the fun­c­tions of this web­si­te to the full ex­tent. In ad­di­tion, you can pre­vent the col­lec­tion of data ge­ne­ra­ted by the coo­kie and re­la­ted to the usage of the web­si­te (in­clu­ding your IP ad­d­ress) to Goog­le and also the pro­ces­sing of such data by Goog­le, by down­lo­a­ding and in­stal­ling the brow­ser plug-in avai­lab­le at following link http://​tools.​google.​com/​dlpage/​gaoptout?​hl=de.

Secu­ri­ty No­tice
We make best ef­forts to execu­te all the ne­ces­sa­ry te­ch­ni­cal and or­ga­ni­sa­tio­nal secu­ri­ty me­a­su­res in order to store your per­so­nal data so that it is in­ac­ces­sib­le to third par­ti­es or the pub­lic. If you make con­tact with us via email, we point out that this com­mu­ni­ca­tion path does not fully en­su­re the con­fi­den­ti­a­li­ty of trans­mitted in­for­ma­tion. Thus we re­com­mend that you send any con­fi­den­ti­al in­for­ma­tion to us ex­clu­si­vely by post.

Free­dom of in­for­ma­tion
You have the right at any time to learn what per­so­nal data we have sto­red about you, its sour­ce and re­ci­pi­ents and the pur­po­se of sto­rage. On writ­ten re­quest we will in­form you what per­so­nal data we have sto­red about you. Ple­a­se ad­d­ress your in­quiry to:


or by post to:

Dr. Hahn GmbH & Co. KG
Tromp­te­ral­lee 162-170
D-41189 Mön­cheng­lad­bach

Wir sind um alle not­wen­di­gen tech­ni­schen und or­ga­ni­sa­to­ri­schen Si­cher­heits­maß­nah­men be­müht, um Ihre per­so­nen­be­zo­ge­nen Daten so zu spei­chern, dass sie weder Drit­ten noch der Öf­fent­lich­keit zu­gäng­lich sind. Soll­ten Sie mit uns per E-Mail in Kon­takt tre­ten wol­len, so wei­sen wir Sie dar­auf hin, dass bei die­sem Kom­mu­ni­ka­ti­ons­weg die Ver­trau­lich­keit der über­mit­tel­ten In­for­ma­tio­nen nicht voll­stän­dig ge­währ­leis­tet wer­den kann. Wir emp­feh­len Ihnen daher, uns ver­trau­li­che In­for­ma­tio­nen aus­schließ­lich über den Post­weg zu­kom­men zu las­sen.



Sie haben je­der­zeit das Recht auf Aus­kunft über die be­züg­lich Ihrer Per­son ge­spei­cher­ten Daten, deren Her­kunft und Emp­fän­ger sowie den Zweck der Spei­che­rung. Auf schrift­li­che An­fra­ge er­tei­len wir Ihnen Aus­kunft über die zu Ihrer Per­son ge­spei­cher­ten Daten. Rich­ten Sie Ihre An­fra­ge bitte an:
oder pos­ta­lisch:
Dr. Hahn GmbH & Co. KG
Trompe­te­r­al­lee 162-170
D-41189 Mön­chen­glad­bach