Please note

In normal situations – as generally expected – well-formulated purchase conditions should be found here. However, we know as well as you that these are normally not noticed and also confront your delivery conditions that may contain contrary regulations because both have not been coordinated with each other.

This condition will not change before decisive economic authorities have generally defined the conditions for purchase and sale so that any contradictions are avoided. Until such a regulation comes into force, communicating conditions as more or less a question of prestige seems to be of little practical use; if a legal dispute actually occurs then the judge must make his decision in accordance with legislative regulations, as has already happened in several judgements.

Our orders are exclusively based on these. All cases of doubt are sufficiently regulated by the legislative authorities. You will surely have understanding if we do without any printed standard conditions of delivery that you may send us with your order confirmation, and that are not specifically formulated according to the individual business case. We also assume that you share our opinion in this and are in agreement with this legislative regulatory basis.

The conditions used by you will not become a part of the contract if they contradict valid legislation. We indicate this here due to reasons of reasonable commercial assessment and own legal security. Further specific objection from us is not required in this respect.

Dr. Hahn GmbH & Co. KG